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Executive Committee and Officers

The OAIRP executive committee consists of representatives from Ohio's public and private 2- and 4-year post-secondary institutions who serve on rolling 3-year terms per the organization's constitution. Officers are elected from the executive committee to serve as president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary for 1-year terms per the organization's constitution.

2022 - 2023 Executive Committee and Officer Designations

4-Year Public

Linnea Stafford (Vice President), Kent State University (Fall 2023)
Liz Bennett (Treasurer), Ohio University (Fall 2024)

Michael Light, Miami University (Fall 2025)

4-Year Private

Sean McLaughlin, Otterbein University (Fall 2023)
Dan Wilson, Muskingum University (Fall 2024)

Maria O'Connor, John Carroll University (Fall 2025)

2-Year Public

Krystn Hood, Cuyahoga Community College (Fall 2023)

Sean Dodge (Secretary), Clark State College (Fall 2024)

Laura Wittel (President), Columbus State Community College (Fall 2025)

Other Elected Positions

Josh Deans (Website Manager), Ohio Northern University 

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