OAIRP Best Paper/Presentation Award

About the Award:

In order to encourage members to participate and share their knowledge at the OAIRP Fall and Spring meetings, a Best Paper/Presentation award will be made:

  1. $350 stipend to attend the AIR Annual Forum to present winning paper/presentation
  2. $300 stipend to attend any AIR sponsored program
  3. $250 stipend to attend any program of an AIR affiliated organization
  4. $200 stipend to attend any national or regional program where winning paper is being presented
  5. Award must be used within two years of winning
  6. These changes are to include 2008F and 2009S winners

List of Winners

Meeting Presenter Topic
Spring 2014 Anne Fulkerson, Owens Community College How to Create a Dashboard in Excel
Fall 2011 Julie Carpenter-Hubin and Jay Johnson, Ohio State University
Sabrina Andrews, University of Akron
Program Review Panel Discussion
Spring 2011 Craig This
Wright State University
Best Anatomy of a Campus Survey Policy
Fall 2010 Neal Stark and Lee Mortimer
University of Cincinnati
Enhancing the Decision Making Process at the University of Cincinnati: Collaborative Efforts by the Institutional Research Office in Developing a Performance-Based Budgeting System
Spring 2010 Valerie Samuel
Kent State University
Implementation of the CLA
Fall 2009 Sabrina Andrews
University of Akron
Recruiting the Returning Customer
Spring 2009

Robert Burke
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio

"Graph of the Week" Program
Fall 2008 Anne Fulkerson
Owens Community College
First-Year Seminar Completion and Retention: Identifying At Risk Students for Intensive Support Services